The smart home complete solution from myTEM
Improve your quality of life.

The complete solution from myTEM is ideally suited for smart home professionals. Thanks to the expandable concept you are always right to invest in myTEM Smart Home. The modular system, whether wireless or wired, fits for new buildings, for renovations as well as for retrofit solutions.

myTEM - the right choice.

myTEM SmartHome offers you a high-quality, durable and reliably functioning complete solution. Thus you make your whole house or office building smart, increase the well-being, comfort and security within your own four walls. At the same time you also save energy as a useful side effect. Take advantage of the many benefits that myTEM SmartHome can offer you.

Smart Home Komplettlösung

Adapt your smart home to your daily routine and increase your living comfort and quality of life with myTEM SmartHome. With the software myTEM ProgTool you can realize all scenes and wishes in your smart home together with your smart home specialist. You can design the individual rooms completely according to your ideas and then adapt them again at any time. This way you make your whole house smart!

A smart home is made up of numerous components. These can be combined individually according to your wishes and requirements. Ask your specialist company which combinations make sense for your smart home.

You decide whether your mobile phone should have access to your smart home from outside. If not, your myTEM SmartHome will only work in the local network. It will not establish an external connection. Within your local network everything will still work, without any restrictions. Your privacy is protected in any case and at all times.

myTEM Smart Server Version

No matter if new building or reconstruction

The smart home system from myTEM makes the difference.

The compact myTEM Radio Server is best suited for renovations and retrofits and can be easily placed and installed anywhere. The myTEM Smart Server is the center of your smart home and optimal for new buildings.

Thanks to the myTEM App and the myTEM ProgTool you can program your server and control your smart home at any time reliably and according to your wishes. Of course all data is securely encrypted.

Smart operation at any time

With programmable touch elements.

The Touch Add-On Glossy von myTEM has an elegant, modern glass design. So your smart home can be operated easily and comfortably, even without a smartphone. The five touch button are individually programmed via the myTEM ProgTool.

The chic and practical touch element contains an integrated room temperature and humidity measurement and can be mounted anywhere.

Smarte Bedienung myTEM SmartHome

A modular smart home system

Intelligent and reliable.

myTEM SmartHome is a modular system that offers a scalable solution for every application.

Whether wireless or wired, myTEM SmartHome is ideally suited for new buildings as well as for retrofit solutions. The myTEM Smart Server can be adapted to any size and requirement of home automation. With the intelligent configuration software myTEM ProgTool, even complex scenes and tasks can be easily automated.

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myTEM Smart Home Software Download

myTEM App and software

Thanks to the myTEM app, even newcomers can control their smart home quickly and easily via smartphone or tablet. The intuitive user interface supports you in creating and managing rooms and devices and allows you to control them at the right time. So you can adapt your home to your personal weekly schedule!

The myTEM ProgTool is installed on the desktop computer or laptop. Thanks to the graphic display and the extensive function library, even complex control sequences can be easily programmed with the ProgTool. Your existing program can be easily read into the ProgTool and adapted or extended.

myTEM Smart Home Software Download
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