Highest reliability
Over 50 years of experience in the development and production of components for building automation.

Control and regulation technology is our passion and has been for over 50 years. Developing and manufacturing high quality products is our goal. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of first-class, perfectly matching products, systems and solutions in the fields of HVAC, renewable energies, room and building automation and energy management.

High quality and flexibility as well as reliability and innovative spirit have always been the attributes that distinguish the owner-managed company TEM AG. Motivated employees develop unique solutions and the use of the latest manufacturing technologies guarantees a consistently high quality standard. This gives our customers the assurance of always receiving high-quality products.

Through decades of experience and comprehensive know-how, we have not only developed advanced products for our OEM customers, but also launched numerous own innovations on the market.


Development of myTEM SmartHome

Über uns myTEM SmartHome

With its know-how TEM AG has developed a leading system in the smart home area. The myTEM SmartHome solution has some outstanding advantages:

  • Arbitrary scalability from starter set to the professional installations
  • Open Z-Wave radio standard and combinability with other products
  • Protected privacy with cloud-free operation

The myTEM SmartHome system can be controlled and programmed via a smartphone app or the extensive myTEM ProgTool Software.


Programmable components for building automation

GebÀudeautomation von ELESTA

TEM AG has expanded its product range with Controlesta. This system is used to control and regulate entire buildings. Building automation is becoming increasingly important.

The freely programmable Controlesta series offers various integration and communication possibilities such as BACnet-Ethernet, -IP, -MS/TP and -PTP. Additionally Modbus, M-Bus, Wilo, Grundfos, RCO-C, ASCII, TCP/IP are supported.


Internet connection and smartphone operation

Umfangreiche Regelsysteme von TEM

The systems of TEM AG receive internet connection. Thus, the data about the operating status can be called up by a service centre.

From 2010, the TEM devices can be operated via smartphone.


Extensive control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Systemregler von TEM

TEM AG offers the market an extensive range of system controllers for HVAC with bus communication, control electronics and software for the operation of oil, gas, wood and pellet heating systems, heat pumps and solar systems.


Control and regulating devices with bus communication

Steuer- und RegelgerÀte Buskommunikation

The applications are becoming more and more complex and the requirements more and more diverse. TEM AG introduces control and regulation devices with bus communication.

This enables the devices to communicate with each other and the system can be designed optimally.


Processor-controlled control units for heating, ventilation and air conditioning


The use of microprocessor-controlled systems results in a range of control devices for the control and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The products of TEM AG are used in HVAC throughout Europe.


Modular devices for control and regulation

Modulare GerÀte von TEM

Triggered by the oil crisis, TEM AG additionally developed a modular device series for the control and regulation of solar collectors, heat pumps and warm air circulation fireplaces.


Control and regulation of heating systems

Steuerung Regelung Heizung

After the company was founded in 1967, TEM AG produced control and monitoring devices for oil heating boilers. Subsequently, the product range was expanded with control and monitoring devices for the entire heating system.

The first outdoor temperature and room temperature dependent heating controllers were developed.