Smart Home Antenna with cable / MTANT-100-WL

Smart Home Antenna

Some great advantages for you:

  • Suitable accessories for Radio Base Module and Radio RGBW Module
  • Cable length 2 meters
  • Simple industrial design
  • Improves the radio range of the devices in the control cabinet

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The Smart Home Antenna with cable can be installed in the channel in the wall and has a cable length of 2 meters. An integrated mounting bracket facilitates the installation of the antenna.

The antenna is an accessory for the Radio Base Module and the Radio RGBW Module.


  1. Disconnect all devices from the mains or switch off the power supply
  2. Open the electrical cabinet and unscrew the old antenna from the device
  3. Insert the extension cable of the new antenna through an opening (may have to be drilled) in the electrical cabinet
  4. Screw the new antenna on the device and close the electrical cabinet
  5. Switch on the power supply to the devices again
  6. Place the new antenna in such a way that an optimal range is achieved
  • Dimensions: 31.2 × 124.6 mm
  • Cable length: 2 m