Interface module / MTBAS-100-FT

FT Base Modul

Some great advantages for you:

  • Central interface between myTEM Server and myTEM FT devices
  • Reduction of installation effort to a minimum
  • Two connections for up to 50 FT devices per tree
  • Quick and easy expansion of the FT system with additional FT devices
  • For mounting on a DIN rail

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The FT Base Module is used to expand the Smart Home system with products from the myTEM Free Topology range. With the FT Base Module the installation effort is reduced to a minimum.

For this purpose, the FT Base Module is connected to the CAN bus from the Smart Server or Radio Server, while myTEM’s Free Topology products are connected via the CFT bus.


  • Central interface between myTEM Smart Home and myTEM FT devices.
  • Operation via the central server
  • Wiring according to tree structure
  • Has two CFT bus interfaces (e.g. wiring multiple areas)
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC ± 10%
  • Power consumption: 0.28 W
  • Interfaces: CAN bus, 2x CFT bus
  • Operating temperature range: 0° C to +50° C, non-condensing
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 38 × 102 × 63 mm
  • Up to 50 components per CFT bus